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Signature Spirits

52-proof bourbon liquors

Black Hills Contraband Smooth Bourbon


Bourbon taste. No bourbon bite. It’s just dangerous.

Contraband Smooth Bourbon is a bourbon-flavored liqueur that invokes all your favorite bourbon tastes. Smoky Oak. Vanilla. Caramel. Spices. All in a flavored liqueur that always goes down smooth after hitting the tongue with a savory punch. We promise you’ll be grinning after your first sip.

Recommended serving: Serve chilled on the rocks or with your favorite mixer. Contraband Smooth Bourbon always plays well on your palette.

Black Hills Contraband Scottish Mule


Bottled and Blended by a Scottish lord you will love it at first sip. With subtle hints of oak and smoke along with notes of vanilla, and with no peat or boggy flavors, it is truly too smooth for its own good. This wondrous liqueur will take you to the McRoberts family roots and have you dreaming of Scotland. Even though it is made by a true Scottish lord, it is all made right here in the good old U.S.A.

original amaretto


A wondrous Amaretto with a rich almond taste that rivals the best Europe ever offered.

Bottle of peach liquor with a peach cap


If you love peach then you will go crazy for this one, it is just like biting into the real thing! We mixed Peach and our Smooth Bourbon to create a true peach liqueur that will blow you away.

Black Hills Contraband Rootbeer


Remember those root beer candies you ate as a kid? Weren’t they great? Wouldn’t it be great to have that same taste in a flavored liqueur? Contraband Rootbeer is that refreshing root beer liqueur. Full-bodied, smooth, and with no harsh aftertaste. Guaranteed to bring back memories of those root beer candies.

Recommended serving: Try mixing 2 ounces of Contraband Rootbeer with 1-ounce half-and-half and soda water to fill for a perfect Contraband Rootbeer Float!

Contraband Island Butter Liquor


Dark rum notes and soft butter flavor combine to make a decadent buttered rum flavor. This is all the wonderful tastes of a buttered rum toddy without all the work.

Black Hills Contraband Rootbeer


Fit for a king. Enjoyed by the masses. It’s just dangerous.

Contraband Royalty brings that sweet bite you’ve come to expect from true northern rye. The catch? There’s no harsh taste on the back end, which means Royalty lives up to its name. Why should the ones wearing the crowns have all the fun? Contraband Royalty brings fun to the masses.

Recommended serving: Contraband Royalty is best served chilled on the rocks or with your favorite mixer. Whatever your choice, Royalty is sure to play well on your palette.

Bottle of emerald isle liquor with a green cap


Love a good Irish Cream, but don’t love the dairy it’s made from? Then here is your dream come true! A true Irish Cream liqueur that is dairy-free, and still tastes great!

Black Hills Contraband Southern Orange


Bourbon and orange have always paired well together, but now they’re living together in the same bottle together!

Contraband Southern Orange brings the amazing tastes of freshly squeezed orange and rich bourbon together to create the perfect taste sensation. The catch? You don’t have to mix things to get this great taste. Experience this flavor celebration that will have your taste buds begging for more.

Recommended serving: Contraband Southern Orange is best served chilled on the rocks or with your favorite mixer. Whatever your choice, it is sure to play well on your palette.

Contraband Island coconut Liquor


A wonderful coconut flavor that will have dreaming of island days. Full and robust, and loaded with coconut punch, you not soon forget this treat to yourself.

Black Fire


If you love the taste of black licorice and cinnamon, then you will love Contraband Black Fire.

Contraband Black Fire flavored liqueur carries the most unique flavor you have ever tasted.

When you first drink it, you will taste wonderful black licorice then it changes to cinnamon at the finish. It is liquor magic at its best!!! Get some magic in your life today!

Recommended serving: Serve chilled on the rocks or with your favorite mixer. Contraband Black Fire always plays well on your palette.

Black Hills Contraband Cinnamon


Like that great taste of cinnamon? Then you will love ours!

Contraband Cinnamon flavored liqueur carries a spicy flavor with a smooth finish that won’t hurt when you drink it. Cinnamon will leave you reminiscing on the old-fashioned Red Hots we all loved as kids.

Recommended serving: Serve chilled on the rocks or with your favorite mixer. Cinnamon always plays well on your palette.

Black Hills Contraband Gingerbread


Tastes and smells like a gingerbread cookie fresh out of the oven at Grandma’s house.

Bottle of liquor with the black currant label on the front and a black cap


We took the tart of Black Currants and mixed them into our Smooth Bourbon and created one amazing taste treat you won’t soon forget.

Black Hills Contraband Coffee


Like the rich taste of coffee? Then you will love this one!

Contraband Coffee flavored liqueur carries a wonderful roasted flavor with a smooth finish that won’t burn when you drink it. Our Coffee will leave you thinking you are drinking a true cold-pressed Italian coffee drink when you try this perfect brew!

Recommended serving: Serve chilled on the rocks or with your favorite mixer. Contraband Coffee will always play well on your palette.

Black Hills Contraband Black Satin


A touch of satin for the taste buds. It’s just dangerous.

Contraband Black Satin flavored liqueur carries a unique flavor and a silky finish with no harsh aftertaste. Black Satin will leave you sitting and reminiscing on the old-style black licorice we all love and enjoy.

Recommended serving: Try mixing Contraband Black Satin with your favorite energy drink to create the perfect mix-The Contra-Bomb!

Black Hills Contraband Gold


Go ahead and treat yourself to some Gold without breaking the bank. Go ahead. Try it. It’s just dangerous.

A sweet sipping drink, Contraband Gold is the flavored liqueur that greets your lips with soft caramel undertones and finishes with no harsh aftertaste. The only thing Contraband Gold leaves, however, is a smile on your face.

Recommended serving: Serve chilled on the rocks or with your favorite mixer. Gold will play well on your palette.

Black Hills Contraband Holiday Cheer


Contraband Holiday Cheer is a whiskey egg nog flavored liqueur that invokes all of your favorite holiday memories. With its true egg nog flavor and warmth, you won’t have to wait until the holidays are here to enjoy this great product.

Take one home today and start celebrating early this year!

Recommended serving: Serve chilled on the rocks, and just enjoy this great holiday taste!

Black Hills Contraband Watermelon


Tastes like summer on the front porch. Without the seeds. It’s just dangerous.

Contraband Watermelon is a refreshing flavored liqueur perfect for those long summer nights. Watermelon goes down sweet and keeps you wanting more. The best part? You don’t have to deal with those pesky watermelon seeds to get that great watermelon taste.

Recommended serving: Best served chilled or on the rocks. Try throwing a splash into your favorite summertime fruity drinks for an exciting new addition. Guaranteed to be a great summer companion.

Black Hills Contraband Simple Gold


Classic gin mixed with caramelized sugars to make amber ambrosia. You won’t soon forget this sweet juniper treat.

80-proof vodkas

Black Hills Contraband Great Faces Vodka


An 80-proof vodka that looks like and goes down like water? Now that’s just dangerous.

The best vodka is one that goes down dangerously smooth. Take a shot of Contraband’s Great Faces Vodka and notice it has no burn. Be sure not to mistake it for water! We filter our vodka twice, so it looks just as clear as your favorite bottled spring water. Not only does it look and taste great, Contraband’s Great Faces Vodka doesn’t have that rubbing alcohol smell that so often offends the nose.

Recommended serving: Serve chilled or on the rocks. Contraband Great Faces Vodka will pair perfectly with your favorite mixer.

Black Hills Contraband Great Faces Cucumber Lime Vodka


Everybody likes cucumbers, and who doesn’t love lime, but who knew these two flavors would play so well together? This one is sure to become your next new favorite mule drink.

Black Hills contraband Great Faces Lemon Ginger Vodka


Who doesn’t love lemon when you mix it with ginger, you get two great tastes that are even better together!

Black Hills Contraband Silver Flapper Gin


Soft notes of juniper and hints of pine will have your taste buds dancing all night long. This fantastic Gin is mild but still packs full flavor in your drinks, so try this gin that the roaring twenty’s would have been proud of.

80-proof bourbons

Bottle of Charred Oak Bourbon with a red background


Using American white oak with a #3 char we have created a taste that will match tradition but taste modern.

Tasting Notes
At first sip, you taste a strong barrel note that consists of rich oak and subtle smoke, which will then transition to a mild sweet with a solid vanilla finish.

bottle of Contraband Toasted Oak bourbon in front of a red background


Instead of charring the American white oak, this wood is baked in a kiln until it reaches a rich brown coloration.

Tasting Notes
It starts with a slightly smokey sweet front taste, that will transition to a rich maple finish and just a small hint of bite.