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Custom Barrel Club

Have you ever wanted your own custom-made barrel of bourbon? Now you can!

Custom Barrel Club

We tailor your barrel with a custom engraving on the barrel head, create the flavor profile of your dreams, and adjust the proof to your desired level.

The higher surface-to-volume ratio of our smaller barrels speeds up the aging process. So instead of waiting an entire year, you only have to wait from 105 to 180 days to try out your own custom-made bourbon!

5 liter barrel

$ 690
  • Creates six 750mL bottles
  • Only takes 105 days to age

10 liter barrel

$ 1,000
  • Creates thirteen 750mL bottles
  • Only takes 140 days to age

20 liter barrel

$ 1,600
  • Creates twenty-six 750mL bottles
  • Only takes 180 days to age

Pricing includes all daily barrel maintenance, such as waxing leaks, daily rotation to reduce the angel’s share, and level checks to reduce the devil’s share. This also includes the custom engraving on the barrel head.

When your barrel is properly aged, come on in and sample your creation! If you would like it to age longer, we will make it happen. However, if the color, aroma, and taste is everything you’ve ever wanted, we bottle the bourbon and it’s yours to take home.

You can usually get 3 runs in these smaller barrels, so if you like, we can start all over again and load you up another batch (minus the cost of the barrel). Or we can try something different this time. The sky is the limit!

Custom Barrel Club with custom engraving