It’s just dangerous. That’s our motto.

What makes Contraband so good?  We’ve been perfecting a secret, family recipe for the last 40 years.  Jerry’s father received the original recipe from his father, and passed it down to Jerry when he was just 15 years old.  In fact, as the story goes the notorious Al Capone once drank the original family recipe while hosting a friend’s wedding at a Chicago hotel.  After his first sip, Capone made our family’s flavored liqueur the most popular drink of the night.


Based in Rapid City, SD, owner Jerry Sailer, of Rapid City, has turned a seven-generation, Sailer family recipe into reality by producing flavored liqueur in South Dakota.

Jerry Sailer was educated in the art of “making alcohol” by his father when he was 15 years old. Jerry’s father also learned the art of “making alcohol” when he was 15. In fact, the five previous father and son relationships of the family shared the same bond. Making alcohol has been in our blood for a long time. The flavors you’re tasting today didn’t happen overnight. Contraband flavored liqueurs have been perfected from generation to generation. In fact, Jerry recalls the beverage his father passed onto him as tasting like “turpentine with a little lighter fluid thrown in for flavoring,” but, “it got the job done.” From that point on, Jerry’s dream was to own and open his own distillery.

In May of 2015, the first step was taken to start the long, tedious process to attain a distiller’s license and move toward full-scale operation.

A little over a year later, he became the first licensed full distillery in South Dakota, and Contraband flavored liqueurs are popping up in more and more quality establishments. Keep a lookout for Contraband products on the shelves at quality establishments near you.

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